Healthcare Liability

Arch Healthcare provides medical professional and general liability insurance for the healthcare industry.


We are solution-driven, with coverage options ranging from small, single location primary coverage to complex, multi-location organizations that require excess or umbrella coverage.

Corporate Contacts

Brian Chiolan

Executive Vice President, Healthcare Business Unit Leader

+1 215 606 1584

[email protected]

Ray Pernsteiner

Senior Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer, Healthcare

+1 651 855 7115

[email protected]

Customer Profile

Broad appetite, including target classes:

  • General Treatment: College/University Health Center, Community Health Center, Employee Health, Primary Care Clinic, Retail Clinic, Telemedicine.
  • Coordinated Care: Disease Management, Health Department, Health Education/Wellness, Managed Care, Schools- Chiropractic, Dental, Medical, Nursing, Optometry.
  • Home Health & Hospice: Durable Equipment, Personal Care, Skilled Care, Hospice.
  • Testing: Blood/Plasma Bank, Labs- Dental, Medical, Ocular, Pathology, Sleep, Quality Control/Reference, Organ Bank, Tele-radiology, X-Ray/Imaging.
  • Pharmacy: Compounding, Infusion, Mail Order, Retail, Specialty.
  • Surgical: Endoscopy Centers, Optical Surgery Center, Outpatient Surgical Facilities, Labs- Cardiac Catheterization.


  • In-house claims handling in order to achieve cost efficient, superior results.
  • Risk management, actuarial , comprehensive and bespoke solutions.
  • Service driven delivery of core products leads to speed of service, policy issuance and processing.
  • Investing in operational service leads to responsiveness and customer driven service.
  • Broad coverage form.
  • A.M. Best Rated A+ with conservative positioning in Arch portfolio of specialty niches.
  • Creative solutions oriented underwriting team. 
  • Collaborative, friendly, valued-oriented culture.
  • Green operations to promote an eco-friendly future.

Arch Difference